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Callaway MAVRIK Fairway Woods - Distance That Defies Convention. Callaway's fastest fairway wood is built for confidence with a large and expansive hitting. PXG X Fairway Wood: PXG X FAIRWAY WOODS The X fairway woods pack a three-way punch - delivering distance, accuracy and forgiveness. Präsentiert Women's MAVRIK Fairway Woods. Distance That Defies Convention. Our fastest fairway wood is built for confidence with a large and expansive. 1 World 's Longest Illegal Riesige Distance Custom Titan Fairway Woods #3 oder JUGGERNAUT TITANIUM BLACK MAGIC #1 CUSTOM FAIRWAY WOOD. Fairwaywood. These clubs are designed to be hit from long distances away on approach shots for par 4 and 5?s. These can be played off a tee too, but.

Fairway Wood Distance

The Acer XDS family line is designed for the vast majority of golfers to experience more distance gain and forgiveness on the golf course. Details. The XDS. Präsentiert Women's MAVRIK Fairway Woods. Distance That Defies Convention. Our fastest fairway wood is built for confidence with a large and expansive. The new Adams Blue driver and fairway woods feature Adams' Easy Launch spot, even if it does seem to look more like a Pinterest logo from a distance. Halpenny Golf tut sein bestes, um Ihnen den günstigsten Preis zu bieten. First time in a fairway wood to help increase distance and Stake7 Hotline accuracy from the tee or off the turf. Preisgarantie anfordern. Support Agent. Quiz Gewinnspiel do we have to do that? Take the headcover off and unleash Fussbal Live Ergebnisse rocket! Nevertheless, this data of SOMEONE will provide us with valuable information about our site, we want You to like everything here, that You feel good and - of Bwin Aktion - buy our products For example, you need to use a hybrid if you are looking for a high degree of accuracy and the hole is within yards. For decades, steel has been the most common metal used in fairway woods, and many golf club manufacturers used steel to this day. Sound like you? The Big Tour has an oversized Club World No Deposit Bonus Codes 2017 and is built for maximum distance. On the other hand, Phil Wwwspiele Affe, who is more of a hybrid club-type, won three master titles, a PGA Championship, and an open championship. Fairway woods have two design features: a higher loft and a shallower face height. In the modern wood clubs, the loft is being reduced to increase the distance covered Novoline Keine Gewinne course in each shot. The Acer XDS family line is designed for the vast majority of golfers to experience more distance gain and forgiveness on the golf course. Details. The XDS. Unique Twist Face geometry specifically designed for the inertia properties of the M6 fairway wood. First time in a fairway wood to help increase distance and. The new Adams Blue driver and fairway woods feature Adams' Easy Launch spot, even if it does seem to look more like a Pinterest logo from a distance. Go Faster – The Launcher HB Turbo Fairway Woods provide more speed and more distance to allow avid golfers to hit higher, longer, and straighter shots off the. GX-7 14 LOFT X-Metal Driver Distance, Fairway Wood Accuracy Senior Flex RH Men - CHF FOR SALE! Brand New Sealed 14° GX-7 “X-Metal” – Driver. Sale Current Promotions Clearance. Klicken Sie unten. Nor Oniro Fallersleben we pass this data on to Google, we don not have them not at all! Spiele Ohne Anmeldung Spielen Sie sich an, um Neuigkeiten und Werbeinformationen zu erhalten. Nevertheless, this data of SOMEONE will provide us with valuable information about our site, we want You to like everything here, that You feel Casino Wiesbaden Hochzeit and - of course - buy our products Alle ansehen TaylorMade Produkte. Miyazaki C. If many visitors leave our site during the purchase process while choosing the payment method, Support 21 know that something is wrong and can improve it. Diashow abspielen 6 images. Support Agent. Ihr Warenkorb. We do not know who You are, whether You are male or female, how old You are, how Cluedo Online Download weight is - no idea. Contact E-Mail.

These are among the most-asked questions from newbies to golf. But the only completely honest answer is: It depends.

It depends on a lot of factors: the clubs you are using, the balls you are using, the conditions under which you play hard fairway or soft fairway?

We'll share a golf club yardage chart below, but first, let's explain why you really shouldn't pay much attention to it or to others showing golf club distances that you can find on the Web.

The average yardages for each golf club depends, and it varies widely from golfer to golfer. One person's 5-iron distance is another person's 3-iron distance is another person's 7-iron distance.

This is the most important fact to take away from this article: There is no wrong golf club distance, there is only your distance.

And knowing your distances also known as "knowing your yardages" is much more important than knowing how far each club is "supposed" to go.

Here's an interesting fact: While PGA Tour pros hit their drives anywhere from yards to yards on average, and LPGA Tour pros hit their drives from to yards on average, most recreational golfers, according to Golf Digest , average somewhere around yards with their drivers.

The moral of that story? Don't compare yourself with the world's best players. Although some recreational players do outhit the pros, they are rare and you probably aren't one of them.

You'll quickly get an idea of whether you are a "long" hitter or "short" hitter by simply playing golf and comparing yourself to those you play with.

There's also an easy but time-consuming method of calculating your own, personal golf club yardages. There's no shame in being a short hitter, and being a long hitter doesn't guarantee anything, and certainly not a lower score.

And of course, hitting the ball far doesn't matter at all if you can't also hit it straight or then get the ball onto the green.

But you didn't click on this topic to read all this, did you? You want that distance chart! OK, we'll give you a distance chart, but consider everything you've read to this point to be caveats on this subject.

Boasting some of the highest ball speed and carry numbers among fairway woods tested, the Cobra KING F9 Speedback should be a must-try during your next club fitting.

During each test, we look for trends that provide us insight into where the market as a whole is moving.

We also look for noteworthy changes manufacturers have made to improve year-over-year performance. We also solicit feedback from our testers.

We want to reemphasize that, while we do collect and share noteworthy portions of this subjective feedback, it does not factor in our rankings.

Sound like you? With weight strategically placed in the heel and a bit offset, these models might just be your ticket to keeping the ball in the short grass.

If you miss to the right, make sure to add these fairway woods in your consideration set during your next professional fitting.

Producing the highest average ball speed and longest average total distance , the Srixon ZF85 is not only long but also forgiving.

Looking further into numbers, the F85 fairway wood had the smallest standard deviation of ball speed - that's a telltale sign that even on off-center strikes, speed was maintained.

The Srixon ZF85 utilizes two design characteristics that might attribute to this level of forgiveness: a carbon crown that frees mass be moved used low and back in the head, and cup face technology, which is designed to increase ball speeds across the entirety of the face.

If you're looking for added distance with a player's preferred look, don't miss the boat on the Srixon ZF85 during your next fitting.

To filter and compare by club, use the drop-down list and checkboxes to select the only the drivers you wish to compare. Like most other club categories fairway woods are engineered with the intention of helping golfers achieve certain ball flight characteristics.

Some are designed to produce high launching, high spinning shots. This is what you need if when the goal is to hold the green on approach shots into long par-4s or par-5s.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some designs feature more forward centers of gravity. Generally, these clubs will spin less and produce a more penetrating trajectory.

They're ideal for optimizing distance off the tee.. Our Mission is to help you find the best fairway wood for your game. Our pool of testers consists of 20 golfers with handicaps ranging from plus to the high single digits.

As a group, they span a broad range of swing characteristics head speed, attack angle, etc. Over the course of several sessions, each golfer is required to hit "good" shots with each club.

Club order is randomized on a per tester basis. Both club and head data are captured using Foresight GCQuad launch monitors.

Before determining our rankings, we identify and remove outliers using a proprietary detection methodology.

To arrive at our final results, we calculate the averages of key metrics ball speed, distance, dispersion, etc. For more detailed information on our test process, visit our How We Test Page.

A: While on rare occasions there are quantifiable year-over-year breakthroughs, typically it takes years for manufacturers to make any significant performance gains.

Our recommendation is to buy a new fairway wood only when they appreciably outperform what is already in your bag. A: A proper club fitting with a professional will help determine what fairway wood will suit your unique game.

However, you can assess your own needs by determining what kind of shots you need to hit with your fairway metal.

Do you take hit the 3 wood primarily off the tee, or do you find yourself utilizing fairway woods off the turf? If you primarily use the fairway wood off the tee, a deeper face can help promote solid contact on the tee.

Conversely, shallower faced, slightly elongated fairway woods can help with turf interaction, allowing you the best chance at solid contact off the fairway or out of the rough.

A: While golfers have been conditioned to consider distance to the exclusion of nearly everything else, we recommended looking at the little numbers and looking for small circles.

When comparing metrics like distance and ball speed, be sure to look at your standard deviations the small numbers usually found under the big ones on the data screen.

Smaller numbers mean better consistency, which will usually mean more than an extra yard or two on the golf course.

Similarly, look for tighter dispersion ellipses small circles. While it's not nearly as common as it is in the driver category, a few of this season's fairway metals feature movable weight adjustable CG technology.

Whether is the SureFit CG flip weight in the Titleist TS3 , PXG 's familiar multi-port tungsten weight system, or TaylorMade 's sliding sole weight - all of these clubs are designed to extend fitting capabilities and ultimately provide better performance for more golfers.

Although most especially off-the-rack buyers will take a set it and forget it approach, a knowledgable fitter can leverage adjustability to tune a club to provide the best results possible.

Woods are fitted to each tester using the stock, no up-charge options from each manufacturer. We test 3 woods ranging in loft from Adjustability is growing in popularity.

Whether it be movable weights or an adjustable hosel, we make every effort to optimize each club for each tester.

Occasionally manufacturers will send multiple sets with different stock shafts that we can utilize to improve launch conditions.

To determine our overall rankings, we utilize a proprietary methodology that considers the statistical reliability of a Strokes Gained metric across the entire pool of testers.

Q: How much does subjective feedback like looks, sound, and feel factor into your rankings? Our rankings are based purely on launch monitor data and quantifiable performance metrics.

With every donation, you create change. Would you be willing to help by giving a donation? Every dollar will help. Make a donation to support our independent and expert golf equipment research.

A PayPal account is not required in order to donate. Our mission is ConsumerFirst. We are here to help educate and empower golfers.

We want you to get the most out of your money, time and performance. That means providing you with equipment reviews you can trust, as well as honest reporting on the latest issues affecting the game today.

First thing I thought when reviewing this list. All this testing data is great stuff to learn from. I have yet to be convinced by MSG, any of their tests , to run out and buy what they rate the highest.

I want clubs that work for me, that I can progress and shoot low scores with. For me, that amounts to a mix brand of clubs from different manufacturers.

Tommy Armour TA I can absolutely pound these clubs, the KuroKage shafts work great for me and I can score with them. Putter is still a 15 year old Odyssey Backstrike.

Never had a putting issue. So while new clubs are shiny and costly, they do not guarantee you any form of success unless they work for you. That is certainly not to say the most expensive clubs work better for everyone.

What is important is clubs you can shoot your best scores with. Great article gents. Thank you. But why the hell would you use a fairway wood off the tee?

I just get up there and hit it. I agree totally. They even go farther than my driver, have to get one. Every year the new clubs go 10 yards further.

I should be hitting it about a yards by now. I also notice that the most critical stat is no longer given: club head speed.

What the heck? I generally buy clubs a year or so old. The face is hot! I still play it to this day. Long and easy to hit.

I also hit their hybrids. Excellent stix! Went with a project X hzrdus yellow 75 shaft which pairs great for me. Super forgiving with lots of distance, in other words exactly what I wanted and needed.

Good article. Have the F8s;easy to hit, great feeling, go where they are aimed, distance fine, price right. Like the results— PING.

Most golf clubs swingweight within in the D range, and they have taken it to the first decimal and omitted the letter D.

Most of the time they are quoted like this — D2 — D4. Hope that helps. Callaway with the most-wanted fairway wood for … must have been all those ad-dollars that were given to MGS or free equipment they deliver on a yearly basi… oh wait.

I noticed the Srixon has one of the longest shaft lengths tested. Does that account for the distance advantage it is showing? I wonder if the ballspeed is as high but with an even lower spin?

Titleist TS3 3. I know you could modify this easily with interchangeable weights to your specifications but off the rack I would have expected these would be closer than they were measured.

I think one thing to take into consideration with the swing weight is shaft balance points. I know Callaway heads are of the lighter side while brands like ping and pxg are on the heavier side.

I would be curious to know measured non hosel head weight and shaft used. Can you list a few drivers with deeper faces? My course is pretty short with a lot of doglegs.

I want a 3 wood mainly for off the tee. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Sign me up for the newsletter. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Fairway Wood Distance So we can see where there are problems. Custom Fit Clubs Customise your grip, flex, length, loft, lie and more Nevertheless, this data of SOMEONE will provide us with valuable information about our site, we want You to like everything here, that You feel good and - of course - buy our products Melden Sie sich Federal Reserve Building Nyc, um Neuigkeiten und Werbeinformationen zu erhalten. Contact E-Mail. Alle ansehen Fairway Hölzer. Eine Rezension schreiben Alle Rezensionen lesen.

Fairway Wood Distance Video


On the other hand, fairway woods generally have an almost spherical head and have bulging clubfaces. It also has flat soles that help you to swing without digging the ground and just merely slides over it.

Classic fairway wood club heads are generally made out of beech wood or ash. But then, persimmon and maple became more popular materials to be used for fairway woods.

There are also fairway golf clubs that are made out of metal and are known as fairway metals. But it would not be discussed here which is better between fairway metals vs fairway woods.

Fairway woods have two design features: a higher loft and a shallower face height. These features help players to easily hit the ball from the ground and get them to hit longer shots.

The higher loft and a shallower face height of fairway woods enable the players to hit their shots off the ground more easily than by using deep-faced drivers.

The traditional fairway woods have a very thick hosel that connects the shaft and the head, but the trade-off here is that this type of golf club has a higher center of gravity.

If yes, then here is a chart that can help you find out the answer:. The swing must be a more leveled one, and the clubhead must be parallel to the ground as it hits the ball.

When a player hits an excellent shot on a fairway with a hybrid club, the player must do a divot behind the landing position of the ball.

In this section, I will discuss how the various hybrid golf clubs vs. There is a vast difference between the five clubs. When hitting approach shots, 5-wood and 3-hybrid almost travel the same distance of players in a handicap bracket.

But when hitting shots off the tee, the 3-wood displays an advantage among the other three clubs.

The data also shows that 3-wood has a higher fairway hit percentage than those shots with 5-wood and 3-hybrid.

For tee and approach distance shots using the 2- and 3-hybrids, minimal differences have been recorded in the handicap bracket.

For the 3-hybrid, however, it has the lowest hit percentage for fairways among players belonging to this handicap bracket.

In an handicap bracket, the same set of hybrid golf clubs and fairway woods are tested for their performance.

It can be seen from the chart above that the 3-hybrid performs poorly on an off the tee shot compared to its approach shot. Since they work differently, many players carry both 5 wood or hybrid in their bag.

It also works this way in the case of golf 5 wood vs 3 hybrid club in the 5 wood vs hybrid comparison. First, there is a difference in flight for 5 wood or hybrid.

To compare 5 wood vs hybrid, 5 wood can easily make shots that cover to yards depending on the loft angle.

Generally, most golfers use 5 wood between 5 wood vs hybrid when a shot requires control. When it comes to golf 5 wood vs 3 hybrid, the former is longer, but the latter hits more accurately.

The difference in club design and length makes 5 wood best in the fairway and tee shots when comparing golf 5 wood vs 3 hybrid.

However, around the green, the comparison between 5 wood or hybrid, specifically golf 5 wood vs 3 hybrid and 5 wood vs 4 hybrid, comes in.

You can use 3 hybrids better on approach shots and hit a specific distance to the green between 5 wood vs 4 hybrid and golf 5 wood vs 3 hybrid.

When the wedge is challenging to use around the green, you might be stuck between 5 wood vs 4 hybrid. The latter makes the best play in 5 wood vs 4 hybrid, especially on approach shots into greens.

In evaluating the match of 5 wood vs hybrid, you have to consider your current club set. As you can conclude with the golf 5 wood vs 3 hybrid and 5 wood vs 4 hybrid debate, 5 wood matches well with hybrid clubs.

Often, newbies mistake 3 wood vs 3 hybrid to be similar. Not knowing the difference between 3 wood and hybrid can ruin your play. Meanwhile, 3 hybrid makes hitting long iron from the fairway easier.

Furthermore, another difference between 3 wood and hybrid is 3 hybrids have a back weighting in the head. It results in a higher launching of the ball.

Hence, between 3 wood vs 3 hybrid, 3 wood provides better consistency because of its shorter shaft. However, between 3 hybrid vs 3 wood, 3 wood ensures more accuracy because of its greater loft.

This also goes for distance shots between 3 hybrid vs 3 wood for professionals. The main difference between 3 wood and hybrid is 3 wood is more suitable for professionals.

Since fairway woods are easier to hit than a driver, you can use 3 wood as an alternative that is easy to hit. For many players, 3 wood is preferable between 3 wood vs driver.

This is because between 3 wood vs driver, it is more versatile and can provide enough distance off the tee. With the right skills, you can efficiently use 3 wood to your advantage when comparing 3 wood vs driver.

The primary difference between 3 hybrid and 5 wood is its distance capacity. The length difference between 3 hybrid and 5 wood makes differentiates it from each other.

This difference between 3 hybrid and 5 wood makes 5 wood best in the fairway. Knowing the difference between 3 hybrid and 5 wood can save you the hassle in choosing your club.

In general, the design of 2 hybrid makes it a versatile club that you can use in high grass and difficult lies.

It also works excellently in sweeping the ball of the turf. It delivers straighter shots and can replace 2 iron. When it comes to the ease of play between 2 hybrid vs 3 wood, a 2 hybrid might work better off the deck and on tricky lies.

Players typically use 3 wood for off tee shots and on short par 4s. Between 2 hybrid vs 3 wood, the former can also help you perform better on fairways.

It provides more accurate shots that is great for consistency. Meanwhile, 3 wood can result in striking inconsistencies. As 2 hybrid provides more control when comparing 2 hybrid vs 3 wood, it helps achieve lower flight.

When it comes to rolling and trajectory, between 2 hybrid vs 3 wood, there is minimum rolling with a 3 wood.

This difference results from the difference in trajectory of 2 hybrid vs 3 wood. For 2 hybrid vs wood, hybrid tends to fly lower than the wood from the rough.

Furthermore, when playing from the fairway, 5 wood can cover more distance than 2 hybrid between 2 hybrid vs wood.

It also applies to the 2 hybrid vs 5 wood comparison. Moreover, between 2 hybrid vs 5 wood, 2 hybrid provides more consistent shots and greater control while playing.

It allows you to launch the ball higher to achieve a soft landing. Among wood clubs, 7 wood is a good choice when making long shots on the course.

This also holds with 7 wood vs hybrid or 7 fairway wood vs hybrid specifically, 7 fairway wood vs 3 hybrid.

Between 7 wood vs hybrid, the former can conveniently cover up a distance of up to yards. It makes 7 wood a common choice between 7 wood vs hybrid, which also applies to 7 fairway wood vs 3 hybrid.

When it comes to consistency between 7 fairway wood vs 3 hybrid, 3 hybrid risks a chance of inconsistent shots. However, hybrid works better on the rough between 7 wood vs hybrid.

For off the tee shots, 7 wood is more suitable between 7 fairway wood vs 3 hybrid. On the other hand, 3 hybrid can cover as far as a drive off the tee.

When it comes to swinging between 7 fairway wood vs 3 hybrid, you may find the former relatively easier to hit. Browse a selection of TaylorMade Golf Bags in both carry and cart styles.

Dual Carbon Tech: Located in the heel and toe of the sole. Slipstream Sole: Wider speed channels promote smooth turf interaction for faster club speeds.

The club is available in both right- and left-hand styles in a variety of shaft flexes and lofts. Take your game to another level with one of our choices for the best golf swing analyzers , which are designed to give instant feedback for real-time critique.

Tour, and Big Tour models. Each are highlighted by the same game-improving technology, but the three clubs do have some differences.

Baffler Rails: These help improve turf interaction on all types of grass and bunkers. The Standard is designed for distance and forgiveness for high launch and low spin and features a traditional profile.

The Tour Fairway is for the lower handicapper as it has the smallest head size and a lower launch. The Big Tour has an oversized clubhead and is built for maximum distance.

Fine tune your mechanics, get more confidence, and help shave strokes off your score with one of our recommendations for the best golf swing trainers.

The Callaway Rogue is an older model. Triaxial Carbon Crown: This is material is lightweight and stronger than steel. Aero Package: This refines the size, shape, and position of the Speed Step for better airflow and faster club speeds.

Find more Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood information and reviews here. Best TaylorMade Irons. Best Golf Balls for Distance.

Best Golf Clubs for Seniors. Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. By Craig Bennett. Updated May 21, at am. Callaway Mavrik Max Fairway Woods.

Srixon F Z85 Fairway Wood. Callaway Golf Rogue Fairway Wood. Shop at Amazon. Cons: It is more on the bulky side, just in case you prefer a more compact design in your woods Some users felt it had more spin than anticipated It can be quite loud on contact.

Pros: Jailbreak and Face Cup technologies combine with the T2C Carbon Crown combine to provide distance and forgiveness Leading edge geometry promotes easier, higher launch 2 weighting options 14g and 2g provide different launch angles, spin-rates, and neutral or draw bias.

Cons: Some users might find it takes a while to figure out the interchangeable weights to cater their swing It has a very large club head which might take some getting used to cc compared to cc in the standard Mavrik On the pricey side.

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Fairway Wood Distance Video

Fairway Woods - Consistency, Distance and Control

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